Processes and Materials

We step up from design, development, production and expedition in the global textile market. Throughout this process the contact with the client is essential and allows us to give a quick and effective response.
We have a vast network of suppliers that allows us to find solutions for the most different situations.
We seek to obtain a final product with high quality and enforce the delivery times.

We work with the most diverse raw materials and apply a vast set of techniques.
For this purpose, we have a wide range of suppliers capable of providing a high quality and quick response service.

The process is initiated in the commercial department, responsible for the communication and monitoring of the client in order to respond his requirements.
This department is responsible for the development of raw materials, the development of printing and/or embroidery techniques and as well as the development of all types of accessories.

In the modeling department, patterns are created and developed, which are subsequently supplied to the cutting department to proceed to the preparation and cutting of the raw material.
These two departments work closely together, with the aim of carrying out a work that comply with the quality standards required by the client.

The manufacture department develop is work with utmost rigor and careful. Each piece is thoroughly study and finish in agreement with the client’s demands.
For this result to be achieved, our manufacture team is owner of several years of experience and is equipped with high quality equipment.

Each stage of the production process is monitored and controlled in order to ensure quality and accuracy to the final product, allowing us to achieve a path of excellence and trust in our work.

Finally, in the shipping department we take care of packaging and sending samples and productions to destinations previously informed and agreed with the client.

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